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good job, but you should have a link on various pages for the home page, thanks

Shahid Mirza
This is a very good and possitive site for our new genration and all persons because it have many information about pakistan and all. thanks

Fahad Ali
congradulation to members and staff of " IBTADA " it is very much intrested and cotents of this strugle are really appreciated and are good for the young generation.

I really liked ur website.My cousin sent me the link.Especially the feature "Aap ki Tasaweer" I loved that.Its fun posting pics.I m In USA rite now so i visit this site daily n enjoy it :) Good work N keep it up

Uzma NC
Yopu all are doing a good job.. please keep it up as this Ummat disperately needs it....ALlah Bless You All

Saqib Amin
kia hal chal hae. janab ap ki yeh site inshALLAH kamyaab hogii, becozz ap ki bohat quick service. janab bohat bohat shukriya, but ek kam aur karey aap k is mei kuch new songs Add karey,takey kuch entertainment b ho, ok

I will when I will go through your website but I appreciate your efforts to bring something to our people who in this fast life going our of books but through your site will be involved again in urdu adab

Fida Hussain
Lahore, Pakistan
Firs of all Pls- accept my heartiest congratulations on running such a beautiful & informative site which i believe it does not have attraction for children only but has lot of treasure for adults as well. There is much much to do more as there is always room for improvements & which always will remain. I have gone through your link KISSAY KHANIAN & read about Hazrat Salman Farsi which was quite informative . Your site covers almost all aspects i.e: General Knowledge - Education - entertainment etc. My suggestion is to you to add more stories & life Sketches of all our renowened Islamic personalities like All immediate Family members of our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammed (PBUH) & all 4 Caliphs & other prominent Islamic Figures like Hazrat Salman Farsi - I dont know how big space you have available for your eb Site as there is lot of other stuff on Islam & other subjects you may put . In short I must appreciate the efforts you folks are doing & offer my humble services Voluntary . Pls- feel free to contact me :

Fayyaz Ali Alwani
Karachi, Pakistan
aap ko bohat mubarak.bachon ke liye achi kawash.liqe sad ehtram.ALLAHaap ko mazeed taraqi de.bachon ke liye koie nazam bhejon to kaise.

Naz Okarvi
I found your site it is good for the kids, their parients and the last stage of child (Bozurg)our elder they also like this... Wish your best of luck

Muhammad Naveed

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